Sunday, December 5, 2010

Faster compiler (6x), CSV library, client updates and Gyro

I've had some work done on the accel compiler - which was a little slow (12mb of source code compiled in about 8 minutes). Now, is about few seconds over a minute ... After some tests, the average optimization is about 6x (six times faster).

I've added a convenient csv library (standard.lib.csv and CSV.con) with both a complex and a simple interface.

For the simple interface you can do something like:

var matrix=CSV::Parse(ReadFile("data.txt"));

matrix being an array of arrays.

Also I've updated the Concept Client - some small memory leaks fixed and the webkit component. I dropped the microhttpd used to emulate a server for managing local request (request that are handled within the application itself). Now the request are intercepted directly from the webkit/libsoup requests.

In GyroGears I've added a new field (optional) in the User entity: Failed attempts
This logs the failed attempts for an user, and then locks the account after 3 failed attempts.

I have no pretty screen shots this time...

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Dan Vasile said...

Good job on the compiler speed, that is impressive.
CSV is not bad to have, either, same as with XLS. I can't wait to have a chance to used it :)