Monday, September 26, 2011

New Concept Client and some new features in GyroGears

Added a few features in Concept Client (all platforms):

1. Remember nothing, username, username and password

2. Clear history option (by clicking the brush)

3. New inline suggestions

In GyroGears:

  1. The screen capture button (upper right)
  2. New application home screen
  3. The "Show text in toolbars" option in design
  4. A bug was fixed with the colors used for charts

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Concept and GyroGears ready for production usage

A lot had happened in the last weeks. Lots of tests, especially on 64 bit architectures and interaction between 64 bit client and 32 bit server. Some bugs were fixed in the RSA implementation (server and client). New XSLT library was introduced in framework based on libxslt2, as an alternative to Sablotron. New random functions were introduced.

Bugs fixed:
On Win32:
  • Captcha library was patched in order to work correctly under Apache HTTPD under Win32.
  • Installer fixed (both server and client) - a problem with NSIS strings that emptied the PATH environment variable.
On Mac OS X:
  • Recompiled the dependencies for Concept Client - now all the plugins are working (on x86_64)
  • Patched some dynamic libraries in order to work with bundled libiconv instead of the one provided by Apple on OS X Lion. Apple provides version 7.0.0 of libiconv2, and Glib requires 8.0.0, and Concept Client needs both of them
  • Introduced platform specific code in order to work correctly (Concept Client)
  • Fixed various bugs for Snow Leopard and Lion (Concept Client)
On all operating systems:
  • Optimized some functions
  • Cleaned up the source code. Fixed modified sources using two editors (one used tab characters for indenting, the other one used spaces).
  • Modified the code to compile and work correctly on 64-bit architecture
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crush in Concept Server when sending a bad formed ciphertext.
  • Fixed a bug in MSG_GET_PROPERTY (Concept Client) and WaitMessage on the server that could cause some problems when waiting the same property from multiple similar objects. For new GyroGears 2.0 (release) applications, is mandatory to update both your server and client to latest version.
As a new feature in Concept Client 2.0.118, a history database was introduced:

Webkit/GTK is now available in OS X Client:

Introduced "middle lock" in GyroGears applications:

You can enable "Edit without locking" in GyroGears allowing two or more users to edit simultaneously the same entity. Only the changed fields will be updated in the database.
If refresh in real time is checked, when another user will view an object modified by another user, it will me notified that the object is changed.

In the screen below you can see the two options.

Also, a popup menu is available in status window, enabling you to copy the text (useful when generating traditional web 2.0 applications, to copy the http address).

GyroGears applications now fully remember the context after exiting and reopening the applications. It will automatically reopen all the tabs opened at closing time. Now it correctly the size and positions for all the windows (was broken at some time, due to new GTK version).

The main feature added, was the property request caching in GyroGears forms. Now, the server makes a bulk request for all the needed properties when reading a form, and receives all the messages in a single block, minimizing the network traffic.

When updating records, now will NOT cause the reload of the view, minimizing the database server traffic. The update will be done in-place on the screen. Same for delete operations and archiving operations. This lowered the database and provided the user with a better feel (all looks to be executed very fast, while update operations are run in background).

Suggestions were introduced when searching in GyroGears applications (both http:// and concept://).

GyroGears is OUT of BETA, and is to be considered stable (enough) for production usage.

Remember that it can do websites and web applications now!