Wednesday, February 9, 2011

GyroGears 1.6

GyroGears 1.6 is now available in Concept Application Server 2.0.52 or later

Just think how many hours could you spent in implementing a true database audit. Gyro 1.6 solves this automatically by just checking one box (see the screenshots bellow). Another interesting new feature is the read-only condition. For example, one of my clients is an ISP. And it has service requests, that are analyzed and solved. After a request is solved it cannot be edited anymore, regarding any user rights. For that, is enough to put a read-only condition like request.Status=="Closed" and if is true, it cannot be edited anymore.

Some of the new features:
  • Entity audit with just a check box. You can see how an object looked at any given date.
  • Hint callback - you can set a function for each field to be called when an object is loaded. This is useful in case you want to set a specific hint or to force some rules. You can also use it to create custom controls.
  • Timestamp for database objects (creation time and last modify)
  • Read-only condition - you can set a custom condition for switching a form in read-only mode.

Notice the "Revisions" window.