Friday, June 24, 2011

7 years of Concept

Has it been 7 years already? ... yes. And now Concept is stronger mostly due to GyroGears. Today I've released the 2.0 beta version of GyroGears. It includes lots of new features, like:
- application import
- sub-applications
- automatic Do/Install package creating
- CIDE link
- scanner for modified files
- lots of bug fixes
- a brand new interface
- fewer buttons and more drag and drop
- single view

I still remember the day I've seen the first hello world application written in Concept: it was a cool morning of June, the sun just raised and I was struggling to keep my eyes opened. This was the first run of an Concept application using the current architecture.

Bellow you'll find some screenshots with the new GyroGears 2.0 interface:

I am sure you will like it.