Tuesday, January 29, 2013

GyroGears and new driver

A new "old" database server is supported (without ODBC) both by Concept Application Server and GyroGears: Firebird. It's been a while since I've tested Firebird (and then, it was 1.5 I think) and there were some problems, especially with the "hard-to-use" driver. Now, 2.5 it works great. It still has some limitations, for example maximum column and table name length is only 31. That's now fine with Gyro (it automatically removes characters from the table names).

Now, Gyro has lots of goodies for the end-user:

For example, the nagging "You forgot to enter Name, Email, etc." window, has been replaced with a red ribbon and highlighting the field. A "switch to fullscreen" button was added that enables you to hide the toolbar. You can also see the new "Single pane" layout, that enables you to use the same space for views and actual forms avoiding opening a new window.

A feature search panel eases the menu access. The use can just search all the features in an application.

In Gyro, in all numeric members (integer and decimal) you can now enter formulas, for example, if you enter: 2+2*2 it will be automatically evaluated to 6.

The server now compiles on Windows 64-bit. Due to some differences, it didn't compile on 64bit Windows. However, on FreeBSD 64 and Linux 64 worked just fine.