Wednesday, July 30, 2014

10 years of Concept

Already 10 years since the first Concept 1.0 release... Countless white nights all for a passion. Is now the most complex project I've been working on. It was fun, sometimes frustrating, and fueled only by my passion. The Concept Book is now almost ready (I hope to find an editor in august).

Concept Client 3.0 is now finally released but available only on Windows. I hope that next week it will be available on Linux and Mac (64bit only).

Between tens of bug-fixes, I managed to add a nice feature to GyroGears: a form designer. Gyro automatically generates all the forms, but in some cases, a manual design may be needed.
 Activating the marked link will open the form designer:

This is very useful for specific layout requests. However, I don't recommend using this feature, because it could provide an inconsistent layout through the application. GyroGears forms all identical in layout for a given application. When adding a custom form, it may interfere with the application usability.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Concept 3.0 developing tools

Concept 3.0 is now finally available. The server itself is stable (the engine is available since version 2.6), but now the also Concept Client 3.0 is available.

It comes with a brand new IDE, Concept IDE 2.0.

Glade was dropped in favor of RDesigner, a Concept-native UI designer that can handle both glade and the new Concept UI XML format.

I've started a face-lift for GyroGears. It will also include a "Custom form designer" based on RDesigner that will allow the developer to define specific forms when needed, replacing the gyro auto-generated forms.

The final release is planned on the 10th birthday of Concept, in about two weeks. It will include the Concept Client 3.0 deb package and OS X image.