Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Concept 5

Concept is now 11 years old. I manage to find less and less time to write here.

A lot of new features were added, like video API (H.264 and HEVC), more async APIs, a the main feature for Concept 5.0 is TinDB, a distributed No-SQL database system, written in Concept. Also, Concept 5 will use about 30% less memory.

The main new feature of Concept 5.0 is the fact that will drop the native desktop client. HTML5 is now mature, and there is no need for Concept Client for desktop. It will continue to have Concept Client iOS and Android native versions.

I've been working to my first big-data application, a communications application, written entirely in Concept. You can even video call me from the browser, by clicking here [call Eduard]. Every line of code is written in Concept.

I've redesigned parts of the Concept Framework for better asynchronous support.

As I've said before, the new feature in Concept 5 is TinDB.

The APIs are not final (may be modified, if needed), so this is a pre-preview. The code above inserts a Student object into test_collection, and the database server performs a Wolfram Alpha query upon insert. TinDB has stored Concept procedures.

As usual I've fixed a lot of bugs (a few of them critical). In the next few weeks I will post the entire source code on github.

A redesign for GyroGears apps is in progress, in about two weeks everything should be ready. Gyro apps are incredibly stable, so it will be mostly a face lift, in order to be more HTML5-friendly.

Now I'm working almost exclusively on TinDB and Concept Client 5.0 JS.