Sunday, January 29, 2012

GyroGears is getting cooler

Lots of new stuff available in GyroGears.
Let's see:

New formulas, a lot easier to use:

QueryDB("select sum(`product`.`price`) from product inner join `rel_order_products` on `id_product`=`id` where `id_order`=$id") * (100-Discount)/100 + Shipping_fees

As you can see, it is a combined formula, using both a query and Concept computations (in red).

New member validation expression (PERL-compatible expressions).
it validates an email address.

User defined functions can be now defined directly from GyroGears, without any need to open CIDE (see the button).

A new source editor, with code completion, automatic indenting, search functions and zoom. This editor will replace the old editor in Concept IDE.

A new data type: reference.
A reference relation is a virtual relation to a member in a related entity. Then, that object will be mapped in the referring object. Look at the next screenshot to see exactly how it works.

For example, a blog post has comments and images. Each image has its own comments. So, you can add a reference to Image/Comments in the Post entity. This way, the end-user can see all the comments for all the images for a specific post.

A lots of bug were fixes in various areas (especially in reporting and web sources).

Friday, January 13, 2012

GyroGears CSV, face recognition and new plug-ins

I've fixed a bug that caused some crashes in the concept server when running cached applications having the same name on different virtual hosts.
Also, I had a little time to play, and I've added very simple functions for detecting a face (using OpenCV).
It works great, and it uses standard png or jpg pictures. It has a very simple interface, available here on

Also, I've re-write the plug-in engine to support properties:

I've added new plug-ins:

... and a email sender plug-in:

A new property is available here "Hide title in forms", and when this is checked, the member title will be hidden.

A new flag available for entities:

This will show in the master view the representative member in the parent entity. When parent level is 2, will show the parent's parent, and so on. This proved to be very useful for me.

CSV import/export available for every entity (see the highlighted button and the one bellow):

It will automatically detect the separator (comma, semicolon or tab). Header is mandatory.

Some optimizations on 64 bit platforms and some web bugs were fixed.

These days I will implement face log-in for GyroGears applications, that will allow an user to log-in using a webcam. When the system recognizes the user, it could not ask for user and password. However, a picture of the user can be used ...