Monday, December 13, 2010

Preparing for Concept 2.0

Concept 1.x is now powerful and mature. It is stable and the relation between Concept Application Server and GyroGears is now truly symbiotic. GyroGears is also stable and prepared to evolve into a new generation of application generators. The 2.0 release of Concept will include:
  1. faster execution time
  2. smaller memory footprint
  3. less CPU usage
  4. same zero crash-tolerance policy
  5. more security features
  6. Zero-downtime updating system that will allow the update of Concept Server with no downtime (or with at most a few seconds of downtime without affecting the users).
  7. CLB (Concept Load Balancer) out of BETA
  8. CIDE enhancements
  9. Do/Install deployment tool replacing CUDW
  10. Binary compatible with Concept 1.x (Concept will always be backward-compatible)
  11. An enhanced GyroGears (1.2) distribution
  12. Thread-safe variables and better multithread APIs
Concept 2.0 will focus on mission critical applications. The first BETA version will be available early in 2011. Some of the features are already available in the official Concept 1.2 distribution.


create-technology said...

can Concept be run on the next generation computers (I mean iPad tablets)?

Eduard Suica said...

Concept Client runs on OS X. For Concept Server you must compile it yourself. Also, Concept Client is not available through iTunes, so you can't install it on iPad, iPhone or iPad. But it should run.

I'm not sure that iPad is a next generation tablet ... it is more of an entertainment device ...