Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I've implemented lots of CRM's and search engines using GyroGears. Once in a while I get some unusual request, that GyroGears cannot fulfill

This happened yesterday, two times. A CRM client asked for a solution to group similar client requests in view. Something like the e-mails. You get an e-mail, then a reply, and so on.

So I've decided to add this feature (it was done at about 2 AM in the morning).

As you can see, the "Cereri" (it means "Requests") objects are  grouped together (Notice the expander).

And all this is done by using a flag "Show in tree view when  possible". No other configuration required.

Now, about the second feature. This it will take me a few days. A client of mine asked to use simultaneous AND and OR filters. Now the filters are combined with AND by default and can be combined with OR by default. But never both AND and OR. This is now on my todo list, I hope to have it ready in about a week or so.

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