Thursday, June 21, 2012


I've had some unusual requests in the last two weeks, so I've decided to implement them in Gyro core.

The users asked for navigation buttons (next/previous) for objects. This derives from the fact that all day are using web browsers. And a web browser has next and previous buttons, so here there are:

Even the cursor now follows the displayed object. This is a really simple feature asked by the users.

In several projects I've needed a way to filter some records by some "assigned users". For example in a project management solution, it is possible to add a member called "Responsible" defined as a relation with the user entity. Then, you can set the member as a filter member, and when a user that is listed in the responsible field logs in, it will see only his tasks. Here is a simple example - a meeting and some invited users:

Now, only the invited users will see the meeting. Do notice the Filter level - a user of a greater level will see all the meetings.

Another request was regarding Xapian. When using indexed search, there were some limitation: you couldn't use filters, and the search felled back to the database engine (which is not a good idea when performing complex searches). Now, you can filter Xapian data. Also, sort was added for the results. The results are sorted only for equal relevance (sort first by relevance and then by the selected field).

As usual, lots of bug fixes. The main fix is in Concept Client - there was some inconvenient stuff happening when using multiple displays. The main form opened in a window and, in some cases, the child window in another window. Of course, you can specify programatically what screen to use. Now, the child windows always inherit the parent display.

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