Sunday, September 22, 2013

9 years and one month of Concept Application Server

It's been 9 years since I've started this project. Now is mature, tested in high load environments, over a hundred end-user solutions implemented by myself. There's a lot of new stuff, both in Concept Application Server and GyroGears.

For start, Concept 3.0 is almost here, with lots of new features. The main star is the new Concept Client for iOS.

For Gyro, lots of bug fixes and a new UI model for child entities was added. Now, you can show all the info using the same window (without opening new child windows). It's a tab-bar style view.

Also, drag-and-drop of files/images is now cleaner.
Mobile applications generated by GyroGears are now read/write, and use the same source code and binary for both Android and iOS.

DRM API's are available in beta, as a new feature in Concept 3.0.

Concept Client for OS X 10.8 is now up-to-date, and soon a binary packet for Concept Application Server will be available for OS X.

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