Monday, April 9, 2012

Cranberry tea with end-users

About a week ago I sat with 4 of my end-users. The youngest has about 27 years and the oldest about 55, 2 men and 2 women. I watched how they use a Gyro-generated application, and notice they reflexes. And then, I've noticed how their eyes were looking for information on the screen. They had never used a Gyro application before. After watching them, I came out with a few and simple features that increase the overall usability.

First of all, the notebook tabs. The users sometimes find it hard to look for the tabs on top of the screen. He or she is maybe used with paper notebooks, that are indexed on the left or right side. So, I've added some new options there.

Now you can organize the categories into left- or right- aligned tabs, depending on your users.

I've noticed that some times the users are overwhelmed by the amount of information required for them to fill it in, so, I've added the expanders (by default, an expander containing a mandatory field is opened).

As you can see, every subcategory can now be expanded/collapsed. Simple, but very useful for the end-user.

Usability, usability, usability !

Some bug-fixes, as usual, mostly regarding the UI and one with some unoptimized queries.

For old folks, that use dBase, I've added support for dbf files. Not really needed these days, but useful when interacting with old applications.

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