Sunday, October 9, 2011

Concept Application Server 2.2 brings faster CGI script execution

... about 4 time faster, take a look

When running with APID (application ID), the interpreter asks Concept Application Server to give a pipe for communications. This is why is taking significantly more. But, you need APIDs on web only when debugging (in developer mode).... so when you disable AllowCASParent, you significantly speed up your http scripts. Green is CSP (concept server page) ran through mod_concept, blue is static HTML and red is CSP as CGI. As you can see, when disabling APIDs on http, CSP is faster than static HTML.

But now, a new mod_concept module for concept. This module load a script and keeps it in memory and runs it multiple times (you can set CGIProcessSessions in BeeKeeper).

As usual, new features are available on GyroGears. I've reorganized the directory structures, and now an include directory is available for each application. But the really new stuff is GyroGrease - (grease for gyro's gears)

This framework is automatically generated for your application model and is available by checking "Generate high level APIs" GyroGears (in Solution properties).

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