Sunday, March 6, 2011

Concept Application Server 2.1

Starting today Concept Application Server 2.1 RC is available for download. Has a slightly optimized core that uses less CPU cycles for compiling. A few security enhancements, but the really cool features are in GyroGears that breaks compatibility with CAS 2.0 for data record sync and Gyro talk using the new InterApp Message Exchange System available in 2.1 that allows us to send messages to all instances of a given application. Added MurmurHash for comparing keys instead of string comparison (about 20 times faster) used directly by the concept server core.

The solved problems are:
An user (u1) updates a record that is in a master view of another user (u2). u2 then can refresh the view to see the changes. Now, using the new InterApp/MES u2 (and all other users) are informed that new data is available for their view and data is updated without refreshing in real time. Cool, right ?

Note the star on the first row. That record was added by another user, and now is available in all other instances without any need of refreshing the view. Sorting may not apply until a full refresh is requested.

Another problem was the communication between users of the same application. Now, a pane for chat is available in every GyroGears application.

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