Tuesday, July 20, 2010

6 years of Concept

I'm getting closer to an official release after 6 years of Concept. With countless nights of coding, countless days of testing and debugging and many friends to suggest new features, Concept has now commercial quality, although is under an open source license.
Without having a dead-line, I'm trying to create a safe, fast and powerful platform that integrates the best technologies, without focusing on a specific platform.

Concept is ready to bring back the fun in coding.

6 years and 2 days ago, in an afternoon I've started this project.


memory said...

Happy Birthday! ;) Si multi ani inainte pentru Concept! (sau nu asta se ureaza de obicei? orice s-ar ura, numai de bine!)

create-technology said...

asteptam cu nerabdare sarbatorirea a 60 de ani de Concept !

Anonymous said...

yo, n-ai cont pe facebook?

Eduard Suica said...

N-am facebook

Anonymous said...

:( ok