Sunday, February 5, 2012

MongoDB is the first NoSQL supported database server

It's been a while since I've started pondering about the benefits of NoSQL database engines. After implementing more than 100 GyroGears solutions, I've started to notice some patterns suitable for no-sql engines.

I've finished all the preliminary tests for the MongoDB Concept driver, the auto-documentation is available here:

And static functions here:

I've modified GyroGears to use this driver, though is not yet fully functional. The relations, files and multimedia types are not working properly yet.

Here is a screenshot of a GyroGears application running on MongoDB.

You can see that you can use sql-style wildcard (for backwards compatibility). You can regenerate your old SQL-based Gyro application for MongoDB without the end-user ever noticing.

Here is a shot of how the Mongo data looks like:

I've used MongoVUE, no Concept Application Server tool yet available for managing Mongo data.

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