Sunday, January 29, 2012

GyroGears is getting cooler

Lots of new stuff available in GyroGears.
Let's see:

New formulas, a lot easier to use:

QueryDB("select sum(`product`.`price`) from product inner join `rel_order_products` on `id_product`=`id` where `id_order`=$id") * (100-Discount)/100 + Shipping_fees

As you can see, it is a combined formula, using both a query and Concept computations (in red).

New member validation expression (PERL-compatible expressions).
it validates an email address.

User defined functions can be now defined directly from GyroGears, without any need to open CIDE (see the button).

A new source editor, with code completion, automatic indenting, search functions and zoom. This editor will replace the old editor in Concept IDE.

A new data type: reference.
A reference relation is a virtual relation to a member in a related entity. Then, that object will be mapped in the referring object. Look at the next screenshot to see exactly how it works.

For example, a blog post has comments and images. Each image has its own comments. So, you can add a reference to Image/Comments in the Post entity. This way, the end-user can see all the comments for all the images for a specific post.

A lots of bug were fixes in various areas (especially in reporting and web sources).

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