Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Excel support in Concept

New library added (no. 55): standard.lib.xls
I've came across libxls accidentally. I was surprise to see that is a really nice library with simple APIs - not very mature yet but it promises a lot. I just had to write a wrapper, and I did.

Nice and simple APIs, as usual. Of course, you have low level cell accessing APIs but xls_matrix is convenient (at least for me) - it returns a sheet as a matrix.

I'm having problems with a bug in webkit - when is in editable mode, and I move the cursor from right to left over a link it freezes. I've submitted a bug report and now I wait. Until it will be fixed, I hacked the client module in order to ignore the left keyboard key. Is not nice, but is working (the cursor can be moved with the mouse with no problems).

I've integrated MemCached client into GyroGears. Now, when generating http:// applications, you can set in DataBase.ini or MyDataBase.ini MemCachedServer = "localhost" for example, and the application will use the server running on localhost. If no host is set, no caching will be available.

Tomorrow will open the new website.

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